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20 March 2011

3 Wheeler

by James Mather

MG Midget 1500 5 Speed Conversion

I once made a 3 wheeler...
from a wasn't an MG Metro...
but it could have been...

More details and more 3 wheelers here

metro b metro a

It did look better from the rear. The boot would take a whole large Tesco trolley full of groceries!

We only ever made one of this type, but we did make 15 of a later model.
It weighed under 400 kg, went like a rocket and cornered like it was on rails.
Shame about the face though...

It was Metro front sub-frame complete. My own chassis design. One Metro displacer and swinging arm at the rear. Aluminum sides. GRP one piece front and boot lid. All trim and dash was Metro.

Everyone who drove it was smitten, not with the looks but the driving.
It was THE ultimate driverís car, believe me...

The MR3 (as we called it),seen here (above) being driven by yours truly in rural North Wales

metro 2

...and we made these......
...250 of them or so to be in-precise. BRA CX3s near Moel Famau, N Wales in the late 1990s.

picnic day cx3's