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20 March 2011

Adapter Designing

by James Mather

MG Midget 1500 5 Speed Conversion

Did you find commercial conversions too expensive? Make your own. I did.

This is how I designed the adapter plate which mounts the Ford Type 9 gearbox to the MG Midget bellhousing

Ever tried Brass-Rubbing? The pattern of the Ford bellhousing to gearbox face. Done with a grubby finger onto A4 paper

Gasket and BH rubbing

My “Brass Rubbing” and the Ford Sierra gasket.

Nothing to do with my gearbox conversion. I made my own rocker oil feed using 2 x M10 bolts drilled out to make banjo bolts and some old (new)Teflon lined SS brake hose. I tapped the head and block M10 to suit (while the engine was stripped of course!). Saved me £21!

Bridget's motor. Nov 03 (2)

MG Midget bellhousing. Ford Sierra gasket. You can see that nothing lines up. Hardly surprising. The depression in the centre of the Midget bellhousing is used to locate the adapter plate. Using this method, adapters can be made to fit many combinations of engine/gearbox. It applies equally to adapters to fit between engine and bellhousing. Ford gaskets are more dimensionally reliable than BeeLeymoCo. They are better material too (IMHO!). So the adapter is basically a casting which follows the outlines of both the Ford gearbox and the Midget bellhousing. theory.

MG BellhousingGasket rear
Ford bellhousing front
MG Bellhousing

Sierra bellhousing rear. I chopped out the holed section to use as drill jig

Ford bellhousing inside