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20 March 2011


by James Mather

Conversion: Having designed your adapter it to the transmission...

Adapter fitted to box front view

Adapter bolted to gearbox. If all holes are counterbored, original bolts can be used. Needs a large counterbore to take socket spanner. Socket cap screws could be used but I failed to find a supply with the correct thread.(This was a trial fit before counterboring).

Adapter fitted sandwich

Ford Sierra Type 9 gearbox-My adapter-MG Midget bellhousing: “Sandwich”

View inside bellhousing (with notes)

Inside Midget bellhousing. Note 2 extra holes drilled at the top. The bottom 3 MG holes are used. The top 2 MG holes are not used. Note grinding around 2 new holes to provide flat surface for bolts. Care is needed positioning top holes to ensure that they don’t break into the large centre hole of the adapter plate. The rectangular cut-out takes the clutch slave cylinder. The oilite bushes for the clutch release arm are just visible on the left. Centre hole has been enlarged to take the 1” dia Ford input shaft. As the shaft is waisted, it needs minimal clearance. In actual fact all that you are doing is removing the oil throw scroll from inside the centre tube.

Adapter bolted to Sierra gearbox and MG bellhousing bolted to adapter. I bolted bellhousing to adapter using M10 socket screws rather than UNC for ease of availability.

Inside bellhousing to adapter(fitted)