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20 March 2011


by James Mather

MG Midget 1500 5 Speed Conversion

What did it cost?

Yes, you could whizz out and buy, off the shelf, all the parts to do this conversion. I could have done that too apart from;
A: I wanted to play
B: I didnít have the money

Firstly the gearbox. Reconditioned boxes are £250-£300. Why? The box goes on for ever. I can get a full Sierra car for £100 or just the gearbox (AND I don't have to remove it myself) for £40. Guaranteed to be good to boot.

The clutch driven plate cost me £13. I actually used the original clutch cover because it was fine. It is a standard MG Midget part in any event.

The M12 bolts to fit the gearbox to the adapter cost me £2 as I also used 2 of the original Ford ones. You could actually save this £2 if you counterbored all the adapter plate holes!

The M10 cap screws to fit the bellhousing to the adapter cost £2.50 for the 5 items.

The 20mm square tube which I made the crossmember inserts from cost me nothing as it was lying around. Even so, a 21í length of this costs about £5-6 (metal is cheap). You need just 10í.

The new Sierra gearbox mount (I could have used the one which came with the box) cost me £8.

And the adapter plate... The casting cost me £20 but I had to buy the pattern. I do hope to recoup the pattern cost by selling some adapters. The pattern was £150..

Miscellaneous bits of angle iron and bolts, say £5 and that all added up, makes for one very cheap conversion.



Ford Sierra Gearbox


Adapter plate casting


M12 bolts


M10 Cap screws


Gearbox mounting


20mm sq tube




Clutch driven plate


less: Sale price of 4 speeder