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20 March 2011

Do My Own?

by James Mather

MG Midget 1500 5 Speed Conversion

Do my Own? Could I do you think?...

What the heck. I was once an engineer. Itís like riding a bike...

I did the design (more elsewhere) and jumped in with both feet. I bought 10 castings. I used one myself and kept another as a drill jig, so I had 8 castings left. The pattern cost me £150. Each casting cost £20. So if I got £40 each (plus carriage but no vat) I was happy. The drilling could be done using the MG Midget and Sierra bellhousings as drill jigs, thus ensuring perfect alignment. The lathe work was easy and I had an easy to follow drawing. I would have preferred not to do the lathe work for £10 , go on then. Well they sold, slowly on first come, first served basis.

Since I havenít had any, I could have sold loads. THERE ARE NEVER GOING TO BE ANY MORE before you ask. The foundry went bust and my pattern disappeared.

I have the drawing for the clutch slave cylinder and details of how make the propshaft.

Here is one Bob Tooke prepared earlier... Multi point Fuel Injection too. Nice. Really nice.

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