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20 March 2011

Project K or Z?

by James Mather

MG Midget 1500 5 Speed Conversion

My friendly local breaker will do complete K Series “kit” for £250 incl vat.
“Kit” in this case is engine, gearbox, injection, ignition and ancillaries. Everything to make it run.
If I had known that before, I may not have rebuilt Bridget’s motor (I spent £250 on just the engine!!) and done a K series to Sierra gearbox conversion instead, rather than 1500 to Sierra.

If Bridget’s engine gets noisy again, it will end up on Ebay! At least the car remains reasonably standard with the original 1500 engine. Perhaps it will have an easier time with 5 speeds. I think that the K series installation needs some radical mods to the battery bulkhead area.

Or...what about a Zetec????????? Cheaper. Ford reliability. Heavier :-(....Mmmmmmmm


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