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20 March 2011


by James Mather

I need to connect the gearbox to the axle....

Lots of firms will do custom propshafts. Cost quoted to me was 80-150.
I can do better than that, I thought.
My propshaft cost me ten quid...Read on....

Prop transit full
prop cortina full
prop cortina and MG full old
prop both old cut cortina
Cut propshafts both02
prop MG inside cortina
Prop finished

Finished propshaft. It may need balancing. Note orientation of yokes at 90 degrees to each other at each end. Dimension 650 mm is to gearbox rear oil seal. The front shiny sliding bit needed polishing to remove original oil seal track groove.

prop MG and cortina front

Front half of Cortina propshaft (top) alongside MG propshaft (bottom). I checked lengths when engine and gearbox was in the car to confirm my calculated lengths. I used front of Ford and rear of MG

Ford sliding spline (left) and MG (right). Ford spline goes straight into rear of gearbox and allows for angular movement of back axle of MG. I spent time polishing the shaft. It is essential that any ridge is virtually polished out.

prop tube sizes

Cortina propshaft tube (left) and MG Midget. The MG slides up the inside of the Ford but is slack. I discovered that jubilee (hose) clip banding is exactly the right size to wrap around the MG tube so that it fits perfectly inside the Ford tube.