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20 March 2011

Slave Cylinder

by James Mather

You will need a clutch...

Clutch slave bracket.Side view

It isnít possible to use the original slave bracket casting as even with lots of grinding it wont clear the gearbox. I made up a new bracket in steel. The clutch slave is canted over at 7 degrees to clear the gear case. As it is canted over the pushrod comes out of line so the cylinder is moved outwards. The pushrod and cylinder now act in line. A fabricated bracket proved to be cheaper than a casting although took longer for me to make.  It is fixed to the original mounting holes.
The cast aluminium adapter plate can be seen between gearbox and bellhousing

Clutch slave Bellh
Adapter & clutch slave to gearbox top rear
Adapter & clutch slave to gearbox rear