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20 March 2011

Why 5 Speed

by James Mather

MG Midget 1500 5 Speed Conversion? Why 5 speeds?

The MG Midget has always been undergeared. On todayís long fast roads, the engine screams. The Triumph 1500cc unit fitted to the GAN6 Midget (and Spitfire) has also never been renown for longevity, partly due to its poor bottom end oiling, weak cam chain, poor rocker shaft material and cheap cam followers to name a few design shortcomings. But, thatís what you get in a classic British sports car. (Oh donít we love them?) Anything which can give it an easier life therefore has got to be good news.

The idea of this site is to share my experiences of putting a Ford Sierra Mk9 5 speed gearbox in my 1976 MG Midget 1500 (Bridget). I did it myself without using any proprietary parts.

Yes, you can fit an overdrive gearbox if you can find one. The ratios arenít as good, they are prone to solenoid problems and they just dont have the Ford quality about them. There is plenty of debate about 5spd v Overdrive on the Internet already so I am not going to debate it here. The Type 9 conversion wins hands down. There is also debate about converting your car back to standard being well nigh impossible after fitting a type 9 gearbox. True, but why would you want to do that? You can sell the old gearbox (mine went on ebay for £30) or use it as an anchor for your boat!

With this site, some engineering skills and enthusiasm, you too can have a 5 speed Midget (or Spitfire although you are on your own fitting it into the car, sorry), for less than £150 GBP and that includes the gearbox!

This is how it all began...(Click Here)

Happy Midgetting



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